New Zealand: 15th, 16th and 18th November 2018

Melanie has three events booked in November in New Zealand and you are invited! All the details below.

Christchurch, Thursday, November 15th 2018

Where: Leasa Heart & Soul
Address121 Brighton Mall, New Brighton, Christchurch 8061, New Zealand,
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $35.00 per ticket
Bookings: (+64) 02 7733 3232

Greymouth, Friday, November 16th 2018

Where: The Gap Cafe
Address: 1 Guinness St, Greymouth 7805, New Zealand
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $50.00 per ticket

Inangahua, Sunday, November 18th

Where: Berlins Cafe Bar
Address: 5001 Lower Buller Gorge Road, Inangahua 7895, New Zealand
Time: 2:30 pm
Cost: $50.00 per ticket
Bookings: (+64) 03 7890

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Yours in service for the truth,
Melanie xxx